LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum Review

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Buying a robotic vacuum is a great idea for many people who live a busy lifestyle and vacuuming is the last thing they want to do on their days off. This is why so many people run to the LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum for their vacuuming needs.

This robotic vacuum has an endless amount of features that make it a great option for your home. First is has a camera mapping system that is used to calculate surround spaces to tell it which paths to take to clean your floors.
LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum Review
Another feature is that the LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum has two full auto cleaning modes that enable it to clean according to the things around it. Another great feature of this robotic vacuum is that is has the ability to be set for scheduled automatic cleaning. You also get to enjoy the LG HomBot 1.0′s long battery life and it’s long life cycle.

Thanks to insulation within the machine, it can clean quietly. Another feature of this robotic vacuum is that is cleans fairly quickly compared to other robotic vacuums in a similar price range. For the price of the LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum you get a great number of features that allow you to clean your home without the need to do it yourself.

As you can tell based on these features, you can find that the LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum has earned its rating of 3.5 stars and continues to impress those that have just started to use the machine and those that have been using for a long time.


  1. It doesn’t wonder – Because of the mapping out feature, the LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum will map out an area in your home and vacuum it completely using a back and forth motion until all parts of the area are clean before it even moves to a new area.
  2. Pet owner approved – This robotic vacuum is able to easily remove the dog hair and cat hair within a pet owner’s home quickly and easily. This includes long haired breeds that have a large amount of hair.
  3. Diagnostic messages in plain English – If the LG HomBot 1.0 vacuum needs something done like it’s battery is low or it’s dust bin is full, it will tell you directly what it needs done without requiring you to look in the manual first.
  4. Can be set on a time – The LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum allows you to pick a time for future cleaning so you really have hands free cleaning.
  5. Works on hard or tile floors - This robotic vacuum is great for hard wood and tiles floors. Most reviewers pointed out that it did a better job on their hard floors compared to carpet.
  6. Dual brushes – Unlike other robotic vacuums , the LG HomBot 1.0 has one brush on each side of it. This allows to clean the baseboards as well as pick up small things from the floor quicker.


  1. It talks a lot – One reviewer noted that the LG HomBot 1.0 talked too much for their needs. This is a rare problem many won’t mind.
  2. It’s not made for rugs with tassels – This robotic vacuum doesn’t have an untangling feature that other robotic vacuums have.

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